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Users can perform a variety of functions remotely with the OnStar remote link, including:

  1. Remote Start of a Vehicle:

Remotely start the engine of your vehicle using your mobile device, allowing it to warm up or cool down before you get in.

  1. Lock/Unlock:

 Remotely locking and unlocking the doors of your vehicle provides additional security and convenience.

  1. Car status:

Check important vehicle information like the odometer reading, tire pressure, oil life, and fuel level.

  1. Locate the Vehicle:

 Receive directions to the current location of your vehicle by locating it on a map.

  1. Horn and Lights:

To easily locate the vehicle in a crowded parking lot, remotely activate its lights and horn.

  1. Send the vehicle's directions:

Send an objective location from your telephone to your vehicle's route framework for simple admittance to headings when you start your excursion.

  1. OnStar Remote Start:
  2. Can OnStar find my car if not activated?

OnStar Remote Start:

To begin your vehicle remotely utilizing OnStar, you can follow these means:

  • Install the OnStar RemoteLink application:

Download and install the OnStar RemoteLink app on your smartphone or tablet. Use the credentials associated with your OnStar account to sign in to the app.

  • Establish a Connection:

Make sure that your cell phone is associated with a cell organization or Wi-Fi network with web access.

  • Find and Select Remote Beginning:

Locate the "Remote Start" feature within the app's interface once you have logged in. The specific situation and naming might fluctuate somewhat relying upon the application variant and stage. On the main screen or in a menu called "Vehicle Controls" or "Remote Commands", it is typically prominently displayed.

  • Confirm Your Choice of Vehicle:

Assuming you have various vehicles related to your OnStar account, you might be inclined to choose the vehicle you wish to remotely begin. From the list, select the vehicle you want.

  • Start Remote Beginning:

After selecting the vehicle, you should see the option to start the remote. To send the command to your vehicle, press the "Remote Start" button or perform an equivalent action..

Can OnStar find my car if not activated?

No, OnStar cannot locate your vehicle if it is disabled. To provide features like vehicle location tracking, OnStar requires a connection between your vehicle and its services. The communication required for location tracking cannot be accomplished without an active subscription to OnStar and a functioning OnStar module installed in your vehicle.

A subscription is required for OnStar's services, including vehicle location tracking and specialized hardware must be installed in the vehicle. 

To utilize the OnStar, you'll require a functioning OnStar membership and a viable vehicle with the essential innovation and equipment introduced. The application is accessible for download on iOS and Android gadgets, and you'll have to sign in utilizing your OnStar account certifications to get to its elements.

It is important to note that the OnStar app's specific features and functionality may vary based on the year of your vehicle, model, and OnStar subscription package.

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