Can you use Onstar without a subscription?

usea onstar gm without a subscription

The short answer is yes. Onstar function even if you don't have a subscription. However, it will only work if you stop the subscription and do not call them to deactivate your account. If your Onstar account has been deactivated, then you probably won't be able to use any of their services.

  1. Keep the use Onstar without a subscription
  2. Should you be concerned about privacy with Onstar?
  3. What will happen when you cancel your Onstar Subscription?
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Keep the use Onstar without a subscription

Suppose you decided to stop your subscription to Onstar, the system can still locate you when you try to use their services. However, you will have to call their customer service number and give them all the information about your car as opposed to when you do have a subscription, and you don't have to do this.

So if you need Onstar services after you stop paying the subscription fees, you will need all the information about your car, such as the model, make, and license plate number. After you give this information, they can use the GPS to locate your car and give you the help you need.

When you subscribe to Onstar, the company states that they keep track of all their customers if they decide to re-subscribe to the service later. It makes it easier for the customer and the company to resume services.

Should you be concerned about privacy with Onstar?

Although Onstar has all the information about your car's whereabouts and keeps tracking information intact, even after you stop your subscription might cause some privacy concerns to pop up for customers, but this system has many benefits.

For example, if your car was stolen or broke down in the middle of the road with no help nearby, the easiest way to get help is through availing of Onstar services. They can track down your car and send help your way. It is also helpful in catching car thieves if you have this system in your car.

Another good thing about having an Onstar subscription is that the system can block ignition if your car gets stolen. This means that the moment you release your car has been stolen, you can contact the company's services and request them to block the ignition in your car. Now the thief cannot start the car; law enforcement can quickly help track down the car and get it back to you safely.

Onstar also can slow down the car so that it's easier for the police to catch up to the thief in such a situation.

If you wish to avoid tracking, you can deactivate your Onstar subscription, eliminating all the company's information about you or your car.

What will happen when you cancel your Onstar Subscription?

When you cancel your subscription or deactivate your Onstar account, the company will no longer be able to find you in their system, so you cannot avail any of their emergency services. If you wish to stop being tracked via GPS, this is the only way that you can prevent tracking.

Otherwise, having due subscription fees but not an actively canceled account will allow Onstar to still track you, provided you give them all the information they need about your car.


Onstar is an excellent security system that allows users to access emergency services when needed. It also has perks and benefits to help you get around your car more quickly. But if your primary concern is data privacy, you can choose to deactivate your account.

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