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With the right OnStar data plans, you take the internet literally wherever you go. This means you can take your office work with you, and your kids will not have to put a stop to their learning plan.

But most importantly, OnStar is primarily concerned with your safety, and a data plan with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to stay connected and call for immediate help in case of emergency.

OnStar is primarily an auto insurance company, but it ties up with AT&T for various data plan. If you’re not sure what these data plans are and what to expect from them, here’s all the information you need.

  1. OnStar Free Basic Plan
  2. OnStar Essential Plan
  3. OnStar data plans and pricing
    1. Unlimited plan
    2. One-time data plan
    3. Prepaid data plan
    4. Premium Plan and Connected Vehicle Plan
  4. OnStar data plans Canada

OnStar Free Basic Plan

The Free Basic Plan from OnStar is a vehicle data plan that allows you to connect your electronic devices to the car’s built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot without paying any cost. GM’s subsidiary OnStar introduced this basic plan in 2018 for Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet.

Under the basic plan, you get up to 5 years of free service, which is fantastic. The services you can avail of including remote door lock/unlock, remote vehicle start, horn and light, and destination download.

However, top OnStar features such as emergency services and roadside assistance are not available with this plan.

OnStar Essential Plan

OnStar Essential Plan is priced at $39.99 per month and comes with several features. It includes voice service, vehicle locate, remote key fob, on-demand diagnostics, and vehicle settings. In addition, you also get roadside assistance, crisis assist, emergency services, automatic crash assistance, and stolen vehicle assistance with this plan.

OnStar data plans and pricing

Following are the OnStar vehicle data plans and pricing for US customers:

Unlimited plan

The unlimited vehicle data plan is applicable for OnStar members with the right/newer car models. In addition, AT&T usually has an unlimited plan on 30-day auto renewal, meaning that it recurs and replenishes every month.

  • Monthly unlimited vehicle data plan at $25 per month plus tax
  • 12 months prepaid unlimited vehicle data plan at $250 plus tax
  • 24 months prepaid unlimited vehicle data plan at $450 plus tax

One-time data plan

There are two data plans under this, also called data pass packages. The one-time vehicle data plans are available by the day, or the year, depending on your preference.

You have two options:

  • 250 MB per day at $5.00
  • 20 GB for 12 months at $150.00

Prepaid data plan

OnStar also has a couple of prepaid data plans. The advantage of prepaid vehicle data plans is that you can choose the plan whenever you need it and whether you need a lot of data or not.

You have three prepaid options:

  • 5 GB per month for $15.00
  • 5 GB per month for $35.00
  • 11 GB per month for $70.00

Note: The above rate for data plans does not include the applicable tax

Premium Plan and Connected Vehicle Plan

OnStar also has Premium, and Connected Vehicle plans with 2 GB of data. To get more information on these two vehicle data plans, you can contact the friendly OnStar Advisors.

OnStar data plans Canada

OnStar has dedicated vehicle data plans for connected drivers with GM cars in Canada, which are:

  • 1 GB for $15 per month
  • 4 GB for $35 per month
  • 10 GB for $70 per month

The unlimited vehicle data plans for OnStar-connected members in Canada are almost the same as the ones in the US. So your options include:

  • Premium – $49 per month plus applicable tax
  • Essentials – $39.99 per month plus tax
  • Safety & Security – $29.99 per month plus tax
  • Connected Vehicle – $24.99 per month plus tax

Depending on the plan you choose, OnStar services that you can expect are:

  • Voice control integration
  • Remote personalization
  • On-demand diagnostics
  • Remote key fob
  • Smart driver
  • Emergency services
  • Roadside assistance
  • Automatic crash response
  • Stolen vehicle assistance

OnStar data plans convert your car into moving yet 100% reliable Wi-Fi hotspot, which is fantastic. The Wi-Fi has a 50 feet radius from your car, and it can be a lifesaver in case of emergencies.

A vehicle data plan also does not rely on your mobile phone coverage or battery, giving you more security and convenience. OnStar Data plans are competitive in the market, and hooking up the device with the hotspot is seamless, regardless of where you may be.

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