Onstar Rewards

OnStar Rewards is a loyalty program designed to reward OnStar subscribers for their usage and engagement with the service. Whether you're a long-time OnStar user or a new subscriber, this program offers a host of perks and incentives that elevate your driving experience. By simply participating in the program, users can earn points, discounts, and access to exclusive offers.

Earning Rewards

The process of earning OnStar Rewards is both straightforward and rewarding. Users accumulate points by completing various activities related to their OnStar subscription.

Benefits and Incentives

Discounts on Maintenance and Accessories:

OnStar Rewards members enjoy access to exclusive discounts on vehicle maintenance, parts, and accessories. From oil changes and tire rotations to genuine OEM parts, these discounts can significantly reduce the overall cost of maintaining your vehicle.

Hotel and Travel Offers:

OnStar has partnered with numerous hotels, resorts, and travel companies to provide its members with exclusive discounts and offers. Whether you're planning a road trip or a weekend getaway, OnStar Rewards can help you save on accommodations and other travel-related expenses.

Retail and Dining Discounts:

OnStar Rewards members can enjoy discounts at select retail stores and dining establishments. These partnerships provide opportunities to save on clothing, electronics, dining experiences, and more.

Fuel Savings: 

OnStar Rewards helps you save on fuel costs with discounts at participating fuel stations. By simply earning and redeeming points, you can offset some of your expenses at the pump.

Vehicle Upgrades and Experiences: 

OnStar occasionally offers unique experiences and vehicle upgrade opportunities exclusively for its loyal customers. These can range from test-driving the latest models to attending special events or product launches.

Redeeming Rewards

Redeeming OnStar Rewards is effortless. Users can track their points through the OnStar website or mobile app, where they'll find a catalog of available rewards. Once enough points are accumulated, members can choose from a variety of redemption options, including discounts, coupons, and exclusive offers. The redemption process is user-friendly, ensuring that members can effortlessly access their rewards.

  1. Earning Rewards
  2. Benefits and Incentives
  3. Redeeming Rewards
  • Where do I call for questions about Onstar rewards?
  • How many points you can earn from each program I am participating in?
  • What do my OnStar Reward "points" equate to in dollars?
  • Whose responsibility is this for the taxes on the reward Onstar program?
  • Where do I call for questions about Onstar rewards?

    If you have any queries about the OnStar rewards, you can contact them directly by:

    • Speaking with a representative who can address your OnStar Rewards-related questions, call them at 1-888-466-7827 (888-4-ONSTAR).
    • Emailing them on their official email.
    • Or you can go to the OnStar website and can contact them through “Contact Us”.

    How many points you can earn from each program I am participating in?

    The number of points you can earn from each program you participate in within the OnStar Rewards system may vary. The exact point structure can change over time, and specific promotions or offers may have different earning rates. It's recommended to consult the OnStar Rewards website, or mobile app, or contact OnStar Customer Service for the most up-to-date information on point-earning opportunities and rates for each program.

    What do my OnStar Reward "points" equate to in dollars?

    You can typically view the redemption options and their corresponding point values on the OnStar Rewards website or mobile app to determine the value of your OnStar Reward points in dollars. The index will give subtleties on the number of focuses that are expected to get a particular markdown or reward.

    Whose responsibility is this for the taxes on the reward Onstar program?

    The responsibility for taxes on rewards obtained through the OnStar Rewards program may vary depending on the specific reward and the applicable tax laws in your jurisdiction.

    Additionally, OnStar or the OnStar Rewards program may provide certain guidelines or information regarding tax obligations associated with the rewards they offer. It's recommended to review the terms and conditions of the program and any accompanying documentation or disclosures to understand any tax-related responsibilities.

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