Chevrolet connected services cost

When we are talking about Chevrolet connected services cost, pricing for these services can change over time and may depend on your location, the specific Chevrolet vehicle model you have, and the features you want to access. It's essential to check the most up-to-date pricing information from Chevrolet or your local dealership.

Commonly, Chevrolet Connected Services offered different plans like:

  1. Basic Plan: This often includes remote vehicle diagnostics, maintenance notifications, and limited features for free for a specific duration, usually the first few years of ownership.
  2. Remote Access Plan: This plan generally includes features like remote start, lock/unlock, vehicle status, and more. Pricing for this plan could vary based on the duration and level of access.
  3. Unlimited Access Plan: This plan may provide unlimited access to various remote features and often comes with a subscription fee.
  4. Data Plan: If your Chevrolet has a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, you may need to subscribe to a data plan to access this feature. Data plan pricing can vary based on data usage and duration.

To get the most accurate and current information about Chevrolet Connected Services and their costs, I recommend visiting the official Chevrolet website or contacting your local Chevrolet dealership. They can provide you with details on the available plans and their associated costs for your specific vehicle and location.

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