Call Onstar emergency

To call OnStar Emergency, follow these steps:

  1. Press the OnStar Button: If you are in a vehicle equipped with OnStar, you'll find an OnStar button typically located on the rearview mirror, overhead console, or center console. Press this button to initiate communication with an OnStar advisor.
  2. Wait for a Response: After pressing the OnStar button, you will typically hear a series of tones, and then an OnStar advisor will come on the line to assist you.
  3. Inform the Advisor of Your Emergency: When you connect with the OnStar advisor, explain your emergency situation clearly and calmly. Provide your location and any relevant details about the situation.
  4. Follow the Advisor's Instructions: The OnStar advisor will assess your situation and provide assistance accordingly. They can contact emergency services on your behalf and provide them with your location if needed.
  5. Stay on the Line: Do not hang up until the OnStar advisor instructs you to do so. They will stay on the line to assist and coordinate with emergency responders until help arrives.

It's important to note that OnStar is primarily a service available in vehicles equipped with OnStar hardware. If you are not in a vehicle with OnStar or do not have an active OnStar subscription, you will need to call 911 or the appropriate emergency number in your area directly for assistance.

Please ensure you use this service responsibly and only for genuine emergencies.

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